Minutes & Other Documents

Access to The Ilketshall St Andrew Parish Council agendas, minutes and reports can be found here.

Also other important documents such as those listed below can be accessed through this page via the links further down the page.

  • Finance
  • Traffic Speed Data And Reports
  • Statutory Documents
  • Freedom Of Information
  • Data Protection

  • Parish Council Meeting Agendas

    Parish Council Meeting Agenda

    The agenda for the next Parish Council Meeting on February 6th 2023 can be found here.

    View Agenda Here

    Parish Council Minutes And Reports

    Parish Council Meetings

    All the minutes of previous Parish Council meetings and reports can be viewed or downloaded here.
    Please note that the Minutes for the most recent meeting of the Parish Council will be the unconfirmed Minutes and are therefore subject to confirmation at the next Parish Council meeting.

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    Annual Parish Meeting Minutes And Reports

    Annual Parish Meetings

    All the minutes of previous Annual Parish Meetings and reports can be viewed or downloaded here.

    (This is not to be confused with the PARISH COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES which can be found on a seperate page.)

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    Parish Council Finances

    If you would like to see how we budget and how we then spend this then please go here.

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    Traffic Speed Data And Reports

    Traffic speed data and reports

    If you are interested in seeing the latest data we have on Top Road traffic, speed and the reports then it's all here.

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    Statutory Documents

    Statutory Documents

    Any Statutory documents that we are required by law to publish can be found here.

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    Freedom Of Information

    Freedom of Information

    The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides public access to information held by public authorities. ...

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    Data Protection

    Data Protection

    Worried about your data being protected on here? Worry no more.

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